Where am I?

wargame.0x0.site is a wargame where you can learn about Binary Exploitation (a.k.a Pwnable).
You can earn points by submitting flags you got by solving the provided challenges.

Useful Information

- The flag format is always 0x0{-----}, also always readable. ex) 0x0{THIS-IS-EXAMPLE}
- Environment which challenges are running on is Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 docker image.
- The flag is both at /home/*/flag and /flag for default, if there is no special mention on challenge.


- Don't attack any other resources of *.0x0.site, except the provided host:port of vulnerable remote services of challenges.
- Don't bruteforce the flag on auth page.
- You can freely upload your write-ups online, since the purpose of this place is everyone's advancement.
- If you think you've found any unintended solutions/bugs on either website/challenges, contact admin please. (fb.com/stan31337)
- Also if you need any hints on challenge, never hesitate to contact me!


New Challenge Added

2019-10-28 15:35:26

2 new challenges - stack / fixed are added!

New Challenge Added

2019-10-10 19:56:39

1 new challenge - Babyheap is added!

New Challenge Added

2019-10-09 14:55:35

1 new challenge - Dynamic Zoo is added!


2019-10-07 21:38:05

The point of Compiler has been adjusted to 250, also it became more difficult.

New Challenge Added

2019-10-06 06:44:45

2 new challenges - Safe Note / Visionless are added!


2019-10-06 05:17:01

The I/O problem of BaskinRobbins1025 has been fixed.

Hello World!

2019-10-01 23:05:40

wargame.0x0.site has been successfully launched! Welcome, all the pwners!